BFT48 Transmitter-Products-Gas Detection- Buckeye Detection

The industry-proven BFT-48 transmitter accepts Catalytic Bead/IR and electrochemical sensor inputs. These units are available with both two-wire and three-to-four-wire 4-20 mA outputs. The BFT-48 focuses on providing a basic price point solution with no compromise on high performance and safety. 


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• Front LED’s and LCD clearly indicate alarm status. Display
options for each sensor include engineering units, bar graph and
30 minute trends.
• Accepts catalytic bead / IR and electrochemical sensor
• 10 – 30v DC powered units are configurable as 3 wire single gas or
4 wire dual gas transmitters with 4 – 20 mA outputs for each
• “Smart sensor” interface stores sensor type, gas range, alarm set
points, calibration and other transmitter variables.
• Non-intrusive magnetic switches allow calibration and local
interface without area declassification.
• User programmable “In Cal” output signal, inhibits alarms and notifies receivers during
calibrations. Programmable “Power Up” and “Post Cal” time delay allows sensor stabilization,
mitigating false alarms during warm up and calibration completion.
• A Real time clock and calendar logs all alarm, calibration and power up events.
• Standard fault supervision circuitry continuously monitors for failures and transmits low mA
output to signal fault conditions.
• Security mode allows locking of critical parameters.
• Available options include alarm relays, RS-485 Modbus®, isolated 4 – 20 mA, Division 2
quick connectable sets, magnetic mount and pole mounts.

Analog Outputs
BFT-48 has standard 2 wire 4 – 20 mA current sink output (not available with catalytic bead / IR sensors). BFT-48 Catalytic Bead / IR units have 3-4 wire 4 – 20 mA current source output with nominal 24VDC power supply, 2 wire max loop Resistance is 500 ohms and 3 wire max loo Resistance is 750 ohms.
Relays / RS-485 Modbus® (Optional)
Relays are form C 5 AMP @ 30VDC and 240VAC Resistive. RS-485 is 2-wire Modbus® RTU.
NRTL CSA Approvals
BFT-48 with standard sensor head is Division 1 and 2 Groups A, B, C and D Exia. Suitable for
explosion proof installations.
ATEX Certified
IMPORTANT: Intrinsically safe installations require BFT10-0263 Intrinsically Safe barrier.
64 x 128 pixel back-lit LCD displays 30 minute trend, bar graph and engineering units. Back-light is active in 3 wire high power mode.
±5% of full scale ±1 count
Ambient Temperature Range
-40˚ – 60˚ C (-40˚ – 140˚ F)
Temperature Drift
Less than 0.1% per degree C over ambient temperature range.
Power Supply
10 – 30VDC at less than 0.75 Watts in 2 wire 4 – 20 mA.
10 – 30VDC at less than 3.0 Watts in 3 wire 4 – 20 mA with relays.
Instrument enclosure suitable for Class 1, Division 1 and 2, Group A,B,C,D