BFC-16 Controller

The BFC-64 Channel Controller provides simultaneous display and alarm functions for up to 64 transmitters or sensors. 16, 32, 48 and 64-channel display modes–with I/O modules–arranged in groups of 16 channels allow economical configuration and expansion of systems. Easy to configure
and user-friendly, the BFC-64 is ideal for centralizing display and alarm functions in critical multi-point monitoring applications.


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  • Accepts inputs from up to sixteen inputs from many sensor types and signal ranges. Modbus® master capability allows input data to be retrieved via RS-485.
  • Eight channel display mode and option boards allow economical configuration of systems requiring 8 channels or less and is easily expandable for future system growth.
  • Dual Modbus® RS-485 serial ports for simultaneous master / slave operation.
  • Three independent alarm levels per channel. “Relay Acknowledge” feature allows silencing of external audible devices during alarm conditions.
  • Graphic LCD readout displays monitored data as bar graphs, engineering units and 30 minute trends. Alarm LED’s flash with new alarms and become steady after acknowledgement.
  • Modbus® master / slave RS-485 serial port interfaces to Modbus® devices such as other Buckeye Detection Systems controllers, PLC’s, DCS and PC’s.
  • Cal Mode offers push button zero / span calibration functionality for direct sensor input applications.
  • Authorization mode allows locking of critical configuration settings.
  • Touch and magnetic keypad are standard for non-intrusive operation in potentially hazardous locations.
  • Enclosures include: Non-metallic, Epoxy Coated Steel, 316 S.S., NEMA 4X, and NEMA 7 explosion proof wall mount options.
  • Certified to CSA C22.2.No. 152 for combustible detection and Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D.
  • Non-volatile memory retains all configuration data indefinitely.
  • RS-485 Modbus® master / slave port for up to 128 devices to be multi-dropped on a single data high way for interrogation by another Modbus® master.
  • Six additional 5 amp SPDT discrete channel alarm relays available. (Two are standard)
  • 4 – 20 mA outputs, event log, strobe lights and audible annunciators are also available.
  • 50 and 120 Watt 24VDC power supplies are available.

Analog Inputs (Optional)
12 bit 4 – 20 mA into 100 ohms input impedance; includes positive power supply terminals for each channel for routing power to two or three wire transmitters.

Common Alarm Relays (Standard)
Four 5 amp 30VDC or 250VAC resistive form C.

Analog Outputs (Optional)
10 bit 4 – 20 mA output. Max load 800 ohms with nominal 24VDC power supply.

Discrete Alarm Relays (Optional)
Four 5 amp 30VDC or 250VAC resistive Form C.

Serial Port (Standard)
Modbus® Master and Slave RS-485 port equipped with Tx / Rx LED’s. Protocol is Modbus® RTU.

Power Supply
10 – 30VDC 12 Watts max required by BFC-16.
BFC10-0172 option 150 Watt power supply.

128 x 240 pixel graphic LCD with back-light. Displays bar graphs, trends and engineering units. 52 discrete LED’s indicate alarm status for three alarms per 16 channels and common relays.

Ambient Temperature Range
-25˚ – 60˚ C (-13˚ – 140˚ F)

CSA 22.2 No. 1010.1 and C22.2 No. 152 forcombustibles and ISA S82.02.
UL 1604 / C22.2 No. 213 (NEMA-4X = Division 2 Groups A, B, C and D.
EN55011 and EN61000 (CE Mark)
Models BFC-71XP and BFC71-02 = NEMA 7
Division 1 Group B, C and D.

BFC-16N4 NEMA 4X wall mount.
BFC-16XP NEMA 7 wall mount explosion proof.
BFC-16PM panel mount rack (Includes bezel / rack and hardware)
BFC-16SS NEMA 4X 316 S.S. wall mount.